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Outdoor Bar Tops

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This outdoor bar top is made from a durable, tropical hardwood – the Rubberwood Tree.  You already know the name of its famous sap (latex), but did you know it is a true hardwood and in the same family as Maple?  Known to woodworkers for years for its clear grain and light-colored wood, we’re offering our tops in finished and unfinished form.

Manufactured to a ‘chunky’ thickness of 1.75” and a convenient bar depth of 20”, we offer a variety of lengths to suit almost anyone’s needs.  Utilizing a 20-year outdoor adhesive from German manufacturer Henkel (makers of Loctite), your engineered wood top will last for years to come. 

Check out the Linx Pergola website to pickup a Bar Top kit to create a beautiful extension to any pergola.     

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